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Finally the time is arrived
After a few months I wrote these little guides to stay healthy and lean, to get closer to the concept of a healthy and happy life without craving any food. I tryed, through my experiences, give to you some of my daily, happy recipes, sweets included, because we need to treat ourselves, always!!!
The books are two, one for salty dishes and one for sweets. 40  recipes in the first one, 40 recipes in the second one, for a total of 80 recipes. Yuo'll find everything, from the appetizer till the deeps and creams and jams, a small vademecum for all your days, for all your moments, meals,  and needs. The cost is £5 for each one. You only need to order one or both of the books you want, simply clicking the "Add to cart" button, and follow all the normal online purchases. Then, after your payment, the PDF of the book will be sent you by mail.

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, try these two little books, start to cook at home, use natural and simple ingredients, have fun in your kitchens, enjoy yourself with the simply food you'll prep!!!! have a nice, bright, wonderful & healthy life!!!

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      The Salty Book



The Sweet Book


e-books on salee-books on sale