Adzuki Beans & Savoy Cabbage Wrap

This recipe it's so fast you can have it during your lunch break at work or in any time of the day and, after eated this dish,  you'll want to have your savoy cabbage wrap almost every day!!
Fill it with different legumes, or any kind of veggies, or marinated tofu and tempeh whatever ;)


What you need is:

3 large leafs of savoy cabbage
6 Tbsp adzuki beans
a handful of arugula

Steamed for 5' - 8' the savoy cabbage leafs; meanwhile, after having cooked the azuki, previously soaked all night, stir in the pan with water, if you like some leek, or mint, or basilico. Cook for just 5', at the end add salt, oil, the arugula.
Open your leafs, pour some beans at the center, close the wrap, and secure with two  toothpick per leafs.
Warm the pan at a medium heat, add some water with soy sauce, and a squeeze of lemon juice, pour in the wraps, cover with a lid, and heat for 10'. 

sprinkle it all with a mixture of crushed seeds or gomasio