Christmas is that time...

Christmas is the time of year where everyone thinks about what to give to those close to him, to where to spend the last year, and with whom, and what to eat during the dinners. Almost all throw themselves on large haunch of lamb, or pork, expanses of sausages, salami, and everything that comes from the worst suffering of other living beings.
Having said that I will not be here to say if it is better to be vegan, rather than vegetarian, or omnivores, the important thing is to do things with conscience and policy, with the knowledge that their actions matter a lot, and they are also an example for those smaller, or more suggestible.
My Christmas day will be like any other:
quiet, lonely, I will cook a few new recipe that I thought, some vegan, some vegetarian. I will watch my favorite movies, I'll play the xbox, and I will rest.
Christmas is that time of year when it is nice to walk in a beautiful park, if you have one available, to make even a winter picnic, very well covering, on a beautiful sunny day, if you are lucky !!!
It's a time when walking through the streets of the city, those where there are more decorations, some Christmas choir, a bit of festive spirit.
It's a moment to understand themselves, what we want to be or become, to clean our conscience if it is needed, to clean ourselves, inside and out.
Then figure out if it is better to eat a pork roll, rather than a vegetable roll is not just a choice that makes a difference to their health. If any of you are wondering this, it means that it's time to change, to turn the page, and googol "vegan roll ".
Merry Christmas to all.