Sunday treats, Mug chocolate cake

Nothing is better than chocolate, when you're sick, forced to stay at home, during the Christmas time.
Chocolate is that everytime treat for our souls, who replace everything, or almost, who can give us special moments, and special memories!!! Yes, I'm a chocolate addicted ☺
Today I treat myself with this coffee mug cake,  chocolate mug  cake, of course!!!
Unfortunately I have not the whipped cream to spread  on top, so sad !!!
London in this days it's a bit foggy and wet, in my street home I can't see the Christmas decorations, and my fast, little mug chocolate cake, without whipped cream, give me a little smile, thinking that tomorrow, finally, I'll be able to go at the Hyde Park Christmas market and have my ride in the witch castle. HO-HO-HO Santa is here babe!!!!