Christmas sweets variations

Today we talked about our favourite Christmas sweet,I talked about the Pandoro and the Panettone, two sweets from Italy, famous all over the world to be soft and risen, and so tasty, of course. Now I want to talk about the sweets made in my kitchen, suitable for christmas too and, above all, healthy, some of them gluten free, some of them flourless, and dairy free. In these days my love for cooking rise at least as a Pandoro :D if I had time I would close all day in the kitchen, experimenting with any sweet as possible, arriving at Christmas with a house overflowing with sweetness.

Cook cakes, tarts, cookies, pudding, and whatever is something almost trascendent,  my mind start to fly, my hands play with tools, with doughs, batter and the result is always a new knowledge. Everytime is a step ahead.

Now I want to share with you seven of my favourite dessert recipes. Honestly  I really love chocolate but in the last time it's grown up in me the interest and passion for fruits and jams tarts. They are so simple and fast to make, but really tasty, and the day after their flavour is better than the day before, because all the ingredients are well combined with each other.


They are one of the typical South Italy sweet, little balls cooked with spelt and hemp flour, and wet from agave nectar and diavolini. Believe me, one leads to another, you will never have enough.

Carrots roses.

The carrot cake is a super cake, and if you use a glaze the result is amazing. But when you turn a simple cake in a rose cake, all change, and if you use an almond flour can be the perfect one.

Easy maroccan figues tart.

An almond flour crust, simply obtained by blend  almonds, and a homemade moroccan figs jam. This recipe is so easy to not look so good. Always use almonds and then blend them but never buy ready-made meals that contain sugar. Homemade, the best choice.

Almond heart bonbones ( flowers power ).

What do you say about the marzapan? have you ever try it covered by a chocolate blanket? maybe a mint chocolate blanket. The homemade candy are an experience funny, to see those little creatures out from the molds,  can make you very proud.

Lemon curd tart.

The vegan lemon curd made with soy butter is amazing, on a tart become totally insane for you!!!! And  when you sprinkle on the top the lemon zests, you can close yourself in the kitchen and have your tête à tête with 8 slices of pure greediness.

Avocado mouse tart.

If you love chocolate, if you love mousse, if you love avocado, if you love tart, this is the right cake for you!!! 

Pumpkin donuts.

And last but not least my adored Pumpkin,in this case butternut squash pumpkin. After the chocolate my most used ingredient for sweets. Yes because,despite the opinion of most people, pumpkin is so tasty, and when you blend it with cinnamon and nutmeg it releases all his best, and these donuts are the proof.