What's your favourite Christmas sweet?

 In Italy two of the best sweets to eat in Christmas time are the Pandoro and the Panettone. There are even two schools of thought about that!! Yes!!! because there are those who love Pandoro, and those who love Panettone.
Personally I eat and love both, but my secret passion is "pucciare" the Pandoro in my cappuccino, during the breakfast Christmas morning  ( take a big slice of Pandoro, dusted with powdered sugar, dipping in cappucino, and eat it greedily, as if there were no tomorrow!!!! ). Try it is a unique experience who worth to try, if you are a sweet addicted.
First thing to do before eat your Pandoro is take it in the plastic bag, open the sachet of powdered sugar you find inside the packaging, and dusting it over the entire cake, then pour the Pandoro, ever in the plastic bag, on the heating radiator; that way all the icing sugar will be carefully melt over the cake, and make it even softer and spongy. Do this operation for 5', open the plastic bag and eat all the slices, because Christmas come only one time per year!!!!
The Panettone don't need any preparations, you must only enjoy the candied fruit and raisins, or the chocolate chips, and give it more bites that you can!!! ☺

This year I will attempt to make the Panettone with raisins, vegan and gluten free, so I know that it will not raise properly, and it will be not so soft as those I buy at the supermarket but, I love  the challenges and maybe, as it has often happened, maybe it will be better ( for my taste! ), of those purchased in the shops.

Remains the fact that the Pandoro and the Panettone are two of the best sweets of Christmas, when homemade cooked, or prepared by pastry chefs, together with the hundreds of regional cakes, biscuit, pudding and whatever we have in Italy. ( struffoli, zeppole,roccocò,  mostaccioli...I'm from South Italy!!! )
So you guys, what's your favourite sweet for Christmas?