Gluten free vegan pizza

Amazing taste! I love pizza, definitely one of my favorite food. I like everything, every topping, crust, everything! I'm a real fan of pizza! And you? This gluten free crust is an optimal option for those of you can't eat a gluten flour, or for who  wants try something new and, believe me, nothing is better than eat a new taste,and stay healthy!!! The buckwheat flour is amazing, the crust is crunchy, the taste is OK!!!
So, let's do it our Pizza no gluten, no pain, only health!!!

for the crust:

200g buckwheat flour
a pinch of pink salt
1 Tbsp grape seeds oil
water, 1 Tbsp at a time

for the topping:

tomato sauce
a pinch of pink salt
1 portobello mushroom
fresh arugula
fresh basil
1 Tbsp grape seeds oil

Preheat oven 175°C.
Make the crust, mix all the ingredients, form a ball, cover with a dishcloth, and set aside.
Mix the tomato sauce with oregano, salt, oil and some cutted arugula and basil. Rinse the portobello with a kitchen paper lightly wet, on the surface, cut it in finelly slices and season with oil, salt, oregano.
Compose the Pizza, roll  the dough, put on the sauce, then the mushroom, and finally,before place in the oven, sprinkle on top the arugula, basil and a drizzle of oil. Bake 15' - 20'.

*Obviously you can sobstitute the topping with whatever sauce, or veggies you most like, give the start at your fantasy!!!!