The tofu is something,  by now, that for those who follows a vegan diet or not represent a good food to eat...and prepare, if you have an attitude in the kitchen. Homemade tofu, mede with organic soy, is a rich source of protein, iron and magnesium. It's versatile and suitable in different preparations sweet and salty. But stop to write more and let's cook our TOFU

What you need for a 540 g Tofu pat is:

  • 330 g organic yellow soya
  • 2.4 liters of water + 200 g  water for soaking
  • 7.00 g of nigari (magnesium chloride)

Soak soy for 8 hours, or overnight by changing the water at least a couple of times. Rinse the soy beans into the blender and blend at maximum speed for about 2 minutes in half of the water. Filter the milk obtained using the appropriate bag and squeeze well, keep the okara in the fridge (the filtered dry residue that can be used for other recipes). Pour the liquid obtained in the pot and add the other 1200 ml of water, in the meantime melt the nigari in 200 ml of water and keep aside.
Now heat the milk, when it starts to boil and to increase in volume pour the water with the nigari into the pot and remove from the heat. Stir slightly, cover the pot with the cloth and let rest for 15-20 minutes, at this point the milk will be completely curdled. With the help of the skimmer, transfer the curd into the tins and allow the whey to drain. At this point the tofu is ready, store it in a jar with a solution of water and salt (8 g of salt for 1 l of water), boil the tofu for a few minutes before consuming it.